Roped Bags

Roped Bags

Bags with a drawstring closure.

RB-01 A bag with a large opening for inserting rolled up fabric. (Max.Weight-350g)
RB-02 A smaller rope bag with a wide enough opening to fit a rolled cloth. (Max.Weight-450g)
RB-03 This bag can be used as a pouch for sandals or flip-flops, or as a small bag for rolled up clothes. (Max.Weight-450g)
RB-04 This product is perfect for shoe showrooms looking to be eco-friendly and stylish (Max.Weight-900g)
RB-05 This small laundry bag is great for teaching children how to organize their laundry. (Max.Weight-2.5Kg)
RB-06 A convenient laundry bag that is easy to transport, fits in any space, and effectively holds your laundry. (Max.Weight-4.5Kg)
RB-07 Our biggest laundry bag is perfect for hotels, hospitals, and laundromats with high customer traffic. (Max.Weight-6Kg)
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