Box Bag

Box Bag

A sturdy box bag with a handle, made by machine and sealed tightly.

B-01 A petite, single-person carrying case perfect for accommodating a complete meal and a water bottle. (Max.Weight-5Kg)
B-02 The B-01 Plus is a bigger version that can hold slightly larger items, like a bundle of small boxes from an electronics store. (Max.Weight-7Kg)
B-03 This square is almost perfect for carrying a medium pizza box or a stack of books to class along with your stationary. (Max.Weight-12.5Kg)
B-04 Bring this bag along on your next shopping excursion or use it as a convenient companion bag for your next day out. (Max.Weight-12.5Kg)
OBS-01 Our large box bag, capable of holding up to 18kgs, is a favorite among shoppers and a commonly seen size on the market.
OBS-02 Boasts a higher GSM for added durability and can hold up to 22.5kg, making it perfect for heavy loads with extra strength in the bottom gusset.
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