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Non-Woven Polypropylene Car Carpets

These non-woven fabric car carpets can be cheap, attractive, and durable. Going for a jog through the woods? Equip your car with a car carpet that is hydrophobic and easy to clean. Color integrity does not wear off in this carpet – the color will look the same for ages. Choose a color that fits your personality the most, and keep a clean distance between your shoe sole and car flooring.

Non-Woven Tea Bag Fabric

Food grade polypropylene fabrics are entering the tea bag market. These fabrics are made without coloring or filler to fit the safety requirements. Being water permeable makes this fabric perfect for tea bags. PP allows better tea extraction and mixing, getting you the best from your tea powder.

Curtain Strips – More Colors!

We are creating more colors for the curtain strips! We’ve had enough of the most common white curtain strips. We want to add more color, and that’s what we’ll be doing in future. We’ve recognized that the market for PP curtain strips is growing, which is now allowing us to explore more colors in this product.