W-Cut Bags

W-Cut Bags

This bag looks like a regular shopping bag but is stronger and can hold more things.

W-01 The W-Cut bag, which is the smallest size available, is perfect for everyday shopping needs and is more affordable than other fabric bags. (Max.Weight-4Kg)
W-02 Heading out to the store for some groceries? Bring along your own reusable non-woven bag. (Max.Weight-5Kg)
W-03 A spacious and durable non-woven bag, perfect for carrying all of your groceries with ease. (Max.Weight-8Kg)
W-04 A spacious bag perfect for transporting all of your belongings at once, ideal for large families. (Max.Weight-22Kg)
W-05 This bag is the largest shopping bag available. It can carry up to 25kg and will meet all your shopping needs.
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