D-Cut bag

D-Cut bag

These flat bags boast impeccable machine-sealed edges and precision-cut handles for a polished and sophisticated appearance.

D-01 Small bag for small items like tiny jewellery, medicine, fancy items
D-02 Conveniently wider than the D-01, usable for the larger fancy items, and medicines
D-03 Mid-length product with a 22cm width. A versatile carrier for food, and small books
D-04 Following the scales of D-03, a slightly larger bag for larger items like books
D-05 A giant leap in size this can carry a number of items at a time, most likely a set of stationaries including large books
D-06 A bag to carry sizable versatile items. It’s large size allows it to bend and give space a wide scope of items.
D-07 Looks like you’re a looking for a subtle, durable bag for your marketing needs. This is the one.
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